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Heather Hanks
Written by Heather Hanks

Reviewed by Physician Luke Yau Wai, Dr Eki Wari and Physician Anita Pee on January 3, 2023

Here’s Why You Should Take Cordyceps Sinensis Daily

Taking Cordyceps sinensis daily can help you tackle your to-do list. It also provides many other benefits, such as supporting immunity, heart health, and memory.

Cordyceps sinensis scaled

Are you a working mom, an active senior, or just someone who could use more energy throughout the day? If so, Cordyceps sinensis can help.

Cordyceps has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 700 years. It may help heart health, boost immunity, reduce fatigue, and improve stamina. This allows you to feel your best while tackling your daily to-do list.

There are several forms available in supplement form, but not all are created equally. Read on to learn how this medicinal mushroom can support your health and tips to help you pick out the best Cordyceps supplement.

What Is Cordyceps Sinensis?

Wild cordyceps has an insect-like appearance similar to a caterpillar
The medicinal plant gets its name because of its insect-like appearance.

“Cordyceps is a dry complex composed of the sclerotium of the fungus Cordyceps sinensis that parasitizes the larva corpses of insects of the Hepialidae family (ghost moths). Its Chinese medicinal name is Dong Chong Xia Cao.” 

TCM Physician Luke Yau Wai.

The wild-growing caterpillar-looking fungus has a plant-like fruiting body. It grows on dead caterpillars that fill with a root-like structure called mycelia. The fungus gets its name because of its insect-like appearance.

Cordyceps sinensis vs. Cordyceps militaris

You might also see Cordyceps militaris listed on supplement labels.

Cordyceps militaris is a new mushroom species that was first cultivated in the 2000s. Meanwhile, Cordyceps sinensis has been around for thousands of years. Studies have also shown that Cordyceps militaris has lower levels of polysaccharides.

Cordyceps sinensis contains natural sources of highly prized antioxidant compounds that give medicinal mushrooms their many benefits, such as cordycepin and adenosine.

Research shows that Hirsutella sinensis fungus (HSF) – or Corydceps sinensis – increases T cells in tumor environments, activating the immune system and inhibiting the growth of tumor cells in breast cancer.

Health Benefits

Cordyceps contains over 30 bioactivities, including antitumor, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant abilities. It has over 20 compounds that contribute to its many health benefits, including polysaccharides, peptides, cordycepin, adenosine, mannitol, and sterols.

One study found that it contains anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-diabetic, anti-depression, and anti-osteoporosis properties. It also protects the skin, promotes endurance and learning memory, improves kidney injuries, and prevents bowel injuries.

According to Physician Luke, modern research shows that it has the following health benefits:

  • Delivers bidirectional immunomodulatory effect 
  • May prevent cancer and combat tumors 
  • Prevents or reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases  
  • Battles against bacteria, viruses, and inflammation 
  • Combats organ fibrosis 
  • Improves blood sugar regulation and metabolism 
  • Protects liver function 
  • Benefits the nervous system and prevents degenerative nerve diseases 
  • Improves physical strength and boosts vitality 
  • Prevents male sexual dysfunction 
  • Promotes testosterone secretion (No such effect for women, however. Women can take it with peace of mind)  
Smiling attractive man running across a bridge
Cordyceps is especially beneficial for men’s health, promoting testosterone secretion, physical endurance, and sexual health.

How Is Cordyceps Sinensis Used In TCM?

In TCM, Cordyceps sinensis contains nourishes the Kidneys and Lungs, increases blood flow, resolves phlegm, and relieves cough and asthma. It’s especially beneficial for overstrained cough with phlegm and blood. 

Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Flavor: Mild, earthy, and sweet 
  • Channel tropism: Kidney and Lung meridians 
  • Benefits: Nourishes Kidneys and Lungs, increases blood flow, and resolves phlegm 
  • For symptoms: Chronic cough, asthma, and overstrained cough with phlegm and blood  

How To Take It

You can take Cordyceps in supplement forms, such as a pill, capsule, essence, or powder. Some people even enjoy it prepared in coffee form due to its ability to promote energy levels without caffeine.

When it comes to picking out a supplement, keep these things in mind:

  • Learn about the manufacturer’s cultivation technology and quality control processes. 
  • Identify the types of cordyceps: Cordyceps sinensis or Hirsutella sinensis has been identified as the true strain of wild Cordyceps (found on the Tibetan plateau). Other Cordyceps species are not the Tibetan species. 
  • Product purity: Great health effects can only be seen through products containing high-purity Cordyceps sinensis.  
  • Make sure there are no additives, chemicals, pesticide residues, sulfur, heavy metals, or preservatives. Pure and natural products do not cause any burden on a person’s body during recuperation. 
  • Product brand: Consumers can select a trusted brand to feel more reassured when consuming their Cordyceps products. 
An image of cordyceps sinensis tea
Cordyceps can be brewed and enjoyed in tea form. You can also take it as a pill or capsule.

The main ingredient in Eu Yu Sang’s Pure Cordyceps product is Hirsutella sinensis, a strain of cordyceps that is 99.645% similar genetically to wild cordyceps according to rDNA sequence analysis (ITS 1, ITS 2 and 5.85rDNA).

The item is also suitable for vegetarians, as no animal or insect parts were involved in its production process. What’s more, getting this product means you’d be supporting sustainability.

Be sure to consult with a registered TCM physician if you have any questions about taking an herbal supplement. Never try to self-medicate.

How do you use cordyceps to stay healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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