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Physician Anita Pee

Physician Anita Pee

TCM Physician - Internal Medicine, Acupuncture

Physician Anita Pee currently practices at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. For over 7 years of her practice, she communicates with patients effectively in English and Mandarin. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor in Medicine (Chinese Medicine) from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Anita's Collection of Works

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Teenage acne min scaled
Pregnancy & Children's Health

Best Natural Acne Treatment Options For Teenagers

Has your teen tried every acne treatment out there without success? If so, these TCM tips can help you address underlying causes of acne that most treatments miss to clear up their skin for good.

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Social media at night min scaled
Mental Health

Sleep Hygiene Tips To Reduce Your Social Media Usage

Social media can lead to disruptions in your circadian rhythm, causing sleep-related problems, burnout at work, and even anxiety and depression. Learn how to kick the habit and improve your sleep hygiene here.

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Mother and baby min scaled
Pregnancy & Children's Health

How To Care For Yourself And Your Premature Baby As They Grow

Caring for a premature baby while you are trying to recover from labor is a challenging task. These remedies can support your baby’s health and give you strength and energy for proper recovery.

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Cordyceps sinensis scaled
Natural Products

Here’s Why You Should Take Cordyceps Sinensis Daily

Taking Cordyceps sinensis daily can help you tackle your to-do list. It also provides many other benefits, such as supporting immunity, heart health, and memory.

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Stress munching min scaled
Weight & Fitness

Best Tips To Help You Eat Healthy When You’re Stressed

When you’re stressed, your body naturally craves comfort foods due to elevated cortisol levels. These tips can help you eat healthy and break the stress cycle to gain control over your weight.

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Jet lag guy in airport min scaled
General Health

Natural Ways To Deal With Jet Lag

Jet lag is what happens when you travel across different time zones, throwing your body’s internal clock out of whack. Here’s how to restore balance and get rid of unwanted symptoms that accompany long distance travels.

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Yin and yang min scaled
General Health

Yin And Yang: How Do They Work In TCM?

Yin and Yang theory refers to the concept that we are all better off when we practice balance. Learn how this ancient Chinese philosophy can be applied to your life today.

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Cold shower min scaled
General Health

Should You Take Hot Or Cold Showers?

Taking a cold shower every once and awhile is a good idea if you have dry skin. However, cold shower benefits expand far beyond skin health. Learn more here.

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