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Mental focus seems impossible in today’s world of constant multi-tasking. You can improve your concentration levels naturally by practicing meditation exercises and cutting the inflammatory foods from your diet. 
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Mental Health

Bash Brain Fog And Improve Memory With These Easy Tips

If you sometimes struggle with finding the right words to say or suddenly becoming unable to think, you could be suffering from brain fog. Here’s how to get rid of it.

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Mental Health

How To Get Rid Of Headache In Back Of Head

Headache in back of head can be prevented using TCM remedies, such as acupressure and eating a healthy diet. Learn more about how to reduce head pain here.

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Did you know that mental health stems from your gut in addition to your brain? In fact, most brain chemicals responsible for concentration are produced in your digestive tract. Brain fog and lack of concentration are often inflammatory symptoms, and these stem from eating a diet high in anti-inflammatory nutrients. In addition to this, you can improve your mental focus by slowing down and taking time each day to connect your mind and body using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, such as herbal medicine, meditation, acupuncture, and more.
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Mental Health

Discover 6 Medicinal Mushrooms for Depression

Yes, you can consume medicinal mushrooms for depression. Learn more about the different types of medicinal mushrooms that may help your mental well-being.

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Mental Health

6 Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Health

Stress relief can be as simple as learning some breathing exercises. Master these simple breathing techniques to improve your health.

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Find more tips on improving mental focus, memory, and concentration, such as the use of certain herbal supplements and vitamins. You’ll also learn how inflammation and other unhealthy lifestyle factors may contribute to the decline of your mental focus, and how to put these habits to rest for good.

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