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Julie Starr

Julie Starr


Julie is a content writer focused on health and wellness. She lives in the suburbs of Nashville, TN, where she enjoys reading, writing, spending time in nature, and practising yoga. 

Julie's Collection of Works

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Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner taking a patient's pulse.
Natural Products

How TCM Can Improve Your Health

Explore the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Plus, find out how you can incorporate TCM practices into your daily life.

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Mushrooom supplement min scaled
Mental Health

Discover 6 Medicinal Mushrooms for Depression

Yes, you can consume medicinal mushrooms for depression. Learn more about the different types of medicinal mushrooms that may help your mental well-being.

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A woman sitting at her desk in meditation with her arms raised.
Mental Health

6 Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Health

Stress relief can be as simple as learning some breathing exercises. Master these simple breathing techniques to improve your health.

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