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Meet the Reviewer
Dr Jessica Gunawan

Dr Jessica Gunawan

Dr Jessica Gunawan is a general practitioner with more than 14 years of experience in Aesthetics and Acupuncture. Since she started embarking on her career in medicine, she has always wanted to help people gain more confidence through their health and physical appearance. Her practice combines eastern and western medicine to make it relevant for every patient's needs. She believes feeling beautiful and confident is essential as it contributes to a happier and healthier life.

Jessica's Collection of Works

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Close-up of panax ginseng roots stacked on top of each other.
Wellness & Nutrition

5 Facts About Panax Ginseng You Need to Know

There’s a difference between panax ginseng and panax notoginseng. The former protects against cancer and diabetes, while the latter helps prevent cerebrovascular disease.

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Woman with a thinking expression stands by a fully stocked fridge with the door open.
Wellness & Nutrition

Eat Them: 7 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Is eating to lose weight even possible? Yes, it is! Check out our list of the 7 best foods for weight loss to try today.

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A drop of oil trickling down the tip of a dropper into a brown glass bottle.
Wellness & Nutrition

The Best Essential Oils to Spruce Up Your Life

The best essential oils are made from large quantities of herbal ingredients. Each product type has specific uses for the mind and body.

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Man looking down as he holds his head with both hands.
Mind & Mental

6 Tips on How to Overcome Anxiety 

Feelings of uncertainty and dread can disrupt your daily life if they’re unmanaged. Learn how to overcome anxiety and live with fewer worries.

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Man pushes away unhealthy high blood pressure foods placed on while table to his left, while fresh vegetables are to his right.
Wellness & Nutrition

7 High Blood Pressure Foods to Avoid  

Knowing which high blood pressure foods to avoid helps address hypertension. We list the foods that are notorious for causing dangerously high blood pressure.

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Little girl wearing glasses smiles and points to her brain.

6 Foods to Boost Your Child’s Brain Function

Healthy brain function relies on a healthy body. Support your child’s intellectual development by supporting her nutrition with these foods.

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Woman with visible discomfort holding her throat with her left hand.
Health & Balance

Colours of Phlegm in Throat: What They Mean in TCM

You’re probably aware that the colour of your phlegm is a tell-tale sign of your health and type of condition you might be experiencing. Here’s what the different colours of phlegm indicate.

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