Inner Self

Your inner self includes your emotions, thoughts, personality, desires, and fulfilment. Connecting with your inner self can detoxify your mind from all forms of negativity and improve your quality of life.
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Mind & Mental

8 Tips to Get Rid of Student Stress

From meditation to exercise, feeding the brain and caring for the heart, here are eight tips for managing student stress.

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It's essential to know how to connect with your inner being by practising self-attunement. Experts believe that tuning into oneself is the foundation of well-being and that it's only by understanding the state of one's heart and mind that one can be their whole human self. For example, slowing down can be a more effective way of living. In addition, learning relaxation techniques and practising mindfulness can help you connect better with your inner self.
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Mind & Mental

The Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Beginners

There are multiple benefits of meditation. Identifying the technique that works best for you can help you achieve these positives effectively.

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When you're in tune with yourself, you are better equipped to deal with challenges in life. As a result, you will learn how to find your purpose, be more intentional with your desires, and show up for life no matter what may come your way.

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