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Parenting is a journey that begins from the moment a couple starts planning for a family and continues into pregnancy and beyond. In addition, new parents will also look for healthy ways to raise a child.


Boy closing his mouth with both hands.

Different Ways to Complement Speech Delay Therapy

A child’s inability to communicate can stem from multiple factors. Speech delay therapy can be combined with other treatments to improve the difficulty in a holistic way.

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Little girl wearing glasses smiles and points to her brain.

6 Foods to Boost Your Child's Brain Function

Healthy brain function relies on a healthy body. Support your child’s intellectual development by supporting her nutrition with these foods.

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Wellness & Nutrition
A healthy lifestyle plays a significant role during pregnancy and in helping couples conceive. Eating the right foods is crucial for preventing pregnancy-related disorders like gestational diabetes, anaemia, preeclampsia, or worse, miscarriage. Doing away with a sedentary lifestyle and bad habits can also help to improve the chances of couples getting pregnant. Physical activity, likewise, is essential for reducing the risk of health problems in pregnant women and ensuring a smoother pregnancy.
A baby sitting in a baby chair while holding a toothbrush and placing it in his mouth

Soothing Teething in Babies: How TCM Can Help

A baby’s teeth will poke through their gums after four months of age. Pain and discomfort are common signs of teething in babies.

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Healthy lifestyle habits can go a long way toward meeting the gruelling demands of being parents and adjusting to new routines. In the same way, parenthood also involves nurturing holistic development and caring for a child's well-being.

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