Muscles & Bones

Your muscles and bones enable your body to walk, run, jump, and perform other movements. Learn how to offer them proper care so that your body can continue to support your lifestyle for years to come.
It doesn't matter what your age is; caring for the health of your muscles and bones is necessary to ensure that your body remains strong. Muscle mass is key to your strength, energy, mobility, and agility. Muscles also help you recover from injuries quickly, promote protein absorption from your diet and distribute it to the rest of your body, and metabolise your intake of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, your bones help maintain your body's structure, protect your organs and muscles, and store calcium.
Woman stretching up on a chair with back aches
Health & Balance

5 Body Posture Mistakes That You’re Probably Guilty of Making

Bad body posture is what happens when your spine is put in awkward positions when sitting or standing. You may be putting pressure on your back and hips if you aren’t using the correct posture and it could have long-term effects on your body.

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Build and strengthen your muscles and bones by learning to adopt healthy practices. When you take good care of your muscles and bones, you will equip your body with the strength, resilience, and health it needs to support you into old age.

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