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Muscles & Bones

Your muscles and bones enable your body to walk, run, jump, and perform other movements. Learn how to offer them proper care so that your body can continue to support your lifestyle for years to come.
Close-up of a person bending down to hold their right Achilles tendon while being outdoors. 
Health & Balance

7 Steps to Heal Achilles Tendinitis 

The Achilles tendon is one of the strongest cords in the body. But overuse due to repetitive movement can make athletes prone to Achilles tendinitis.

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Man holding a SOS sign signalling he has peyronie’s disease
Health & Balance

Get It Straight: How to Treat Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease causes fibrosis under the skin of the penis. Clinical and traditional treatments may help correct penile curvature and boost a man’s confidence.

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Treatments for Mallet Finger
Health & Balance

5 Steps to Straighten a Mallet Finger

A mallet finger is when the tip of the finger involuntarily bends inward towards the palm. Find out how to treat this injury.

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It doesn't matter what your age is; caring for the health of your muscles and bones is necessary to ensure that your body remains strong. Muscle mass is key to your strength, energy, mobility, and agility. Muscles also help you recover from injuries quickly, promote protein absorption from your diet and distribute it to the rest of your body, and metabolise your intake of carbohydrates. Meanwhile, your bones help maintain your body's structure, protect your organs and muscles, and store calcium.
Woman holding her left shoulder with her right hand while tilting her head to the side
Health & Balance

5 Simple Ways to Treat Myofascial Pain

The most notable symptom of myofascial pain syndrome is the appearance of trigger points. These are characterised by tightness and a sensitivity to touch.

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Build and strengthen your muscles and bones by learning to adopt healthy practices. When you take good care of your muscles and bones, you will equip your body with the strength, resilience, and health it needs to support you into old age.

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