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Getting Pregnant

A healthy body plays a significant role in helping you and your partner start your pregnancy journey. One of the best ways to improve fertility is to adhere to good lifestyle habits like a balanced diet, exercising, and getting restful sleep.
Couple embrace joyfully as they look at a pregnancy test kit in bed.

5 Ways to Improve Sperm Health 

Sperm health plays a big role if you and your partner are hoping to conceive. Here’s what to look for if you want a Rabbit or Dragon baby.

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Ancient medicine like Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is believed to be effective in improving the pregnancy success rate. Primarily, the use of these medicines is aimed at helping women conceive and ensuring the health of a woman and her foetus throughout the pregnancy. Research also shows that using (TCM) herbs can potentially improve the outcome of Western fertility treatments. Thus, natural approaches can be explored before opting for assisted reproductive technologies.
An Asian woman and an Asian man react happily to the result of a home pregnancy test kit while sitting in bed

How to Boost Fertility with Natural Therapy

Knowing how to boost fertility can help increase your chances of conceiving. One way to do it naturally is through traditional remedies.

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In terms of infertility issues, several factors must be taken into consideration. For instance, age, being underweight or obese, being diagnosed with endometriosis hormonal issues, or low sperm count are a few reasons why couples can’t get pregnant.

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