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Healthy Ageing

Whether you are in your 30's, 50s, or 70's, your age reflects how you treat your body. Discover how to care for your body at every age, embrace healthy ageing, and live a long, healthy and joyful life.
Closeup of a woman’s smiling face showing faint Crow’s Feet in the outer corner of her eye.
Health & Balance

Can Crow’s Feet Improve with Skincare?

Crow’s feet are a natural sign of ageing, though some of us may prematurely get these wrinkles around the eyes. Discover ways to help reduce their appearance.

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Woman holding the lower left side of her back with her left hand while standing outdoors
Health & Balance

Ouch! 5 Ways to Relieve Pain from a Slipped Disc

People between the ages of 30 to 50 are extremely vulnerable to getting a slipped disc. The injury is a common cause of sciatica and back pain.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy ageing should not be confused with being free from disease. Many people can still live with several health conditions yet enjoy life well into their golden years. Instead, look at healthy ageing as an opportunity to maintain or improve physical and mental health so you can continue to experience a good quality of life. For some, this might mean a healthy diet and regular exercise. For others, developing health habits is important.
When you learn how to embrace the journey of getting older, it will be easier for you to be present in your own life and enjoy milestones as they come. Good health is the key to happiness. So, waste no time and start today for a better tomorrow.

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