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Aaron Sta Maria

Aaron Sta Maria

Senior Writer

Aaron is a content writer that has a firm grasp on all things health. An advocate of a balanced lifestyle, his purpose as a writer is to produce wellness content that's centred around the importance of nutrition, physical activity and the use of natural remedies. He's also intrigued by the Law of Attraction and holds firm to the belief that if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

Aaron's Collection of Works

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Girl sitting on a staircase as she holds her abdominal area uncomfortably

3 Ways to Maintain Gut Health in Children

Early childhood is the perfect time to develop a healthy digestive system. Learn different steps you can take to improve your child’s gut health.

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Toddler in a highchair playing with a wooden toy car

Child Development: A Guide to the First 7 Years

Parents play an important role in child development. Discover the different milestones your little one should hit during the various growth stages.

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Woman pulling her hair in anger
Mind & Mental

Five Anger Management Tips to Ease Your Fury

Anger management can improve how you perceive life. Contrastingly, zero control over the emotion can potentially cause health disorders.

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Woman with throat pain sitting up on the edge of the bed.
Health & Balance

Quiz: A Niggling Throat Pain? Find Out Why

Throat pain has many causes. If left untreated, the cause of your discomfort can become more severe and impair your ability to lead a normal, healthy life.

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