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Salome Tham

Salome Tham

TCM Physician - Food Science & Nutrition, Weight Management

A senior nutritionist at Eu Yan Sang Malaysia, Salome Tham Yip Sim has over 10 years of experience in product development and public education, as well as more than three decades of experience in weight management. Ms Tham regularly contributes health articles and recipes in various dailies and magazines in Malaysia, such as Sin Chew Daily, Mummy Baby Magazine, Astro Health 123, and HQ Magazine. She graduated from UCSI University with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Food Science & Nutrition.

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Spring detox min scaled
Weight & Fitness

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Mind And Body

Spring cleaning is a good way to cleanse toxins in your body that accumulated during the winter. These tips can help you feel your best just in time for the warm weather!

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Himalayan salt min scaled
Natural Products

Is Himalayan Salt Better For Your Heart?

There are several key differences in the way Himalayan salt is sourced and manufactured compared to other salts. Does that translate to better nutrition for the consumer? Learn more here.

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