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Quiz: Are You Showing Signs of Depression?

If you often feel down, you may be depressed. Take this quiz to see if you have signs of depression.

A woman sitting with a sad, pensive look on her face

We all have bad days. Most likely, you feel frustrated or discouraged or sad sometimes. But what if you feel down most of the time? In that instance, you might be dealing with something more serious. It’s possible that you could be experiencing signs of depression.

There are many causes and symptoms of depression. Many people with depression do not present with every symptom. Some people may experience only one or two symptoms. Yet others may have multiple symptoms. The severity and frequency of depression symptoms may vary from person to person.

If you’re wondering if you have depression symptoms, this short quiz can help you find out.

Are You Showing Signs of Depression?

Pensive African American woman lying in bed awake
Trouble sleeping can be one of the signs of depression.

Find Out if Your Answers Suggest an Onset of Depression

It is common for people who suffer from depression to feel as if they have a bleak future. On a brighter note, therapy or medications can be used to treat depression effectively.

The next section will let you know if your answers indicate an onset of depression.

If your answers are mostly A’s

A man sitting in a chair with his hands raised, while a female therapist or doctor writes notes on a clipboard
Prompt treatment can help to reduce the severity of depression symptoms.

These results show that you are likely suffering from depression, and it’s important to contact your doctor or mental health professional. Prompt depression treatment can help to reduce the severity of depression symptoms and help you find relief.

There are many causes of depression. Typically, a doctor may prescribe psychotherapy or antidepressants – or combine both treatments to help you manage depression. A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedy you can try is a herbal supplement that contains wild ginseng. This is a potent traditional Chinese herb that can improve concentration and strengthen your qi.

To combat fatigue due to depression, another herb that you can try is lingzhi or reishi mushroom. A clinical trial on breast cancer reported that patients who consumed the spore powder of lingzhi claimed to have less anxiety and depression. For long-term use, please consult a certified TCM physician to guide you.

If you have recurring thoughts about hurting or killing yourself, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you can trust or seek professional help. But if you’re not sure who to call, you can try the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This free option is available anytime by calling 1-800-273-8255.

If your answers are mostly B’s

A happy woman texting her contacts using her smartphone
An early diagnosis can enable you to manage depression symptoms effectively and live life to the fullest.

If most of your answers were B’s, you may not be suffering from depression. At the same time, having these symptoms may suggest the onset of other conditions like anxiety. Getting an early diagnosis can help you better understand your mental health situation and how to overcome it.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you might try ashwagandha supplements to help relieve stress, which is a common trigger of anxiety. High levels of anxiety can sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Depression causes a range of symptoms. Recognizing the signs of depression can help you get the treatment you need. Plus you can use TCM and health supplements to help alleviate your symptoms and improve your health. Be sure to share this quiz with a loved one if you find it helpful.


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