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Heather Hanks
Written by Heather Hanks

Reviewed by Dr Eki Wari on April 22, 2022

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Health-Minded Women In Your Life

Check out this article for tips on gifts to give your health-minded mom for Mother's Day that she'll actually like.

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about what to get the special women in your life. After all, moms are some of the hardest-working people on the planet!

Not all moms want flowers and candy for Mother’s Day. Some want gifts that will help support their health, like the ones mentioned in this article. Keep this article handy for when you need birthday gift ideas for mom, too!

1. Join Her For A Special Mother’s Day Exercise Class

Taking a fitness or exercise class with your mom is a great way to spend Mother’s Day.

Fitness centers always take advantage of the fact that people are trying to spend more time with their moms on Mother’s Day.

If your mom belongs to a gym, then check to see if they offer any special exercise classes that day.

If your mom doesn’t belong to a gym but still likes to be healthy, then consider taking a walk in the woods or doing another activity she likes. You could also take a cooking class together if that’s what she prefers.

Remember, moms don’t always want gifts they can open. They want quality time with you!

2. Support Her Skin And Joint Health

Nanollagen is formulated with marine collagen peptides. Like other sources of collagen, marine collagen may help delay some signs of aging, like wrinkles, joint issues, and weakness as it helps to maintain healthy tissues of the body.

In addition, fish collagen also provides an alternative to people who do not wish to consume other forms of collagen, such as religious concerns or the use of collagen from pigs or cows and health concerns due risk of mad cow disease.

Some consider marine collagen to be both economic and environmentally sustainable as it can be derived from unused raw materials e.g. fish skin from the fish.

3. Try A Self-Care Package

You can’t go wrong when you get mom a self-care package for Mother’s Day. However, if she’s health-minded, then focus on one that includes natural products, like a two-week supply of beauty products.

You can also create your own package based on what you know about your mom. Find out what supplements she takes or products she likes and load up a basket!

Natural skin beauty products are a great way to go. Women of all ages can appreciate this, especially if your mom has sensitive skin.

4. Book A Mother’s Day Massage Or Spa Day

You can never go wrong when you schedule a spa day with your mom. If she’s active, she’s probably in need of a good massage.

You can even score future gift ideas by paying attention to what products she likes at the spa. For example, if she likes a certain massage oil, buy some for the next time you need a present for her!

5. Offer To Babysit

Not sure what to get your sister, friend, or cousin for Mother’s Day? How about offering to watch the kids so she can have a night out doing whatever she wants?

Any mom with young kids would appreciate some time to herself, but this is especially true for new moms who may suffer from postpartum.

She doesn’t even have to leave the house. If she just had a baby, she could use some time to take a bath, exercise, sleep, or just talk to you.

6. Sip Some Herbal Tea Together

Chatting with your mom while drinking herbal tea is a good way to catch up with her while also reaping the many benefits of tea.

Herbal tea has so many benefits that it’s hard to name them all. Many teas have been shown to help support heart health, reduce blood sugar levels, support metabolism, and more. This makes it the perfect gift for the health-minded mom.

Here are some excellent teas to gift your mom this Mother’s Day:

  • Green tea: Best for metabolism support, autoimmune regulation, and cancer prevention
  • Oolong tea: Best for anti-aging and weight loss
  • Ginseng tea: Best for increasing energy levels and improving cognitive functions.
  • Rooibos tea: Best for cardiovascular and respiratory health

You can also put together a basket full of a variety of teas that your mom likes. Add in some of her favorite snacks for a finishing touch.

7. Buy Her A Book On TCM

If your mom is into natural healing, then consider buying her a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She’ll learn about the Chinese history, culture, cuisine, knowledge, and philosophy behind this ancient form of healing the body.

8. Introduce Her To Spot Whitening Capsules

“According to the inner canon of the yellow emperor, at the age of 49, the vitality of a woman declines and she experiences the symptoms of Liver, Kidney, and Spleen deficiency“, says physician Lim Sock Ling.

These include hormonal imbalance and poor circulation, resulting in melasma and dull complexion. Herbs such as saffron and Angelica roots, peach kernel, and rhizoma linguistic chuanxiong, promote circulation, remove stasis and lighten spots. These herbs (together with angelica dahurica) also formulate the spot whitening capsules.

Individuals on blood-thinning medicine should be cautious when consuming or consult a registered medical professional before consumption. Pregnant women should avoid these herbs.

In practice, Angelica Dahurica is commonly used to promote skin whitening. Studies have shown that Angelica Dahurica is the most commonly used herb in external skin whitening products and it could promote wound healing and treat inflammatory skin diseases or anti-hyperpigmentation.

9. Support Her Health With Bird’s Nest

A raw bird's nest on a wooden tray with dried goji berry
Bird’s nest is a nutritious delicacy. It’s rich in antioxidants that smoothen skin and strengthen the immune response.

Bird’s nest is traditionally and till date being considered a delicacy. It contains macronutrients and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and minerals like calcium and iron are the major nutrients in bird’s nests that support body functions. 

Bioactive compounds in bird’s nest include glucosamine, sialic acid, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids. They are thus a good source of collagen and are commonly consumed to maintain youth and beauty.

Bird’s nest is often used in TCM to fortify the immune system, promote growth, improve concentration, increase energy and metabolism, and regulate circulation.

Other health benefits include strengthening bones, delaying signs of aging, nourishing lungs, and promoting eye care. A study shows that a low concentration of bird’s nest could synergistically induce cell proliferation and promote corneal wound healing in rabbits.

10. Introduce Her To Medicinal Mushrooms

From a TCM perspective physician Lim says cordyceps improve vitality and nourish Lungs and Kidneys. Studies have shown that it has beneficial effects on the Liver, Kidney, and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in immunological disorders and cancer management.

Final Thoughts On Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Remember that what most moms want for Mother’s Day is more time with you. Find something to do that she is passionate about or show an interest in her hobbies and it will be the best Mother’s Day she’s ever had!

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