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Aaron Sta Maria
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Unique and Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

Published | 4 min read

Unsure what makes the perfect Christmas gift? Here are a few ideas that may bring cheer and make a difference in the lives of your loved ones.

The right Christmas gift isn’t measured through monetary value but by what it means to the recipient.

Unsure of what’s considered a suitable Christmas gift? We’ve got you covered!  

The four-gift rule – something a person wants, something a person needs, something to wear, and something to read – has become a Christmas trend of late. But there’s another rule of equal, if not more, significance; something a person wants or needs but doesn’t really know it. 

Read on to discover healthy Christmas gift options for your loved ones that are suitable for all ages and genders.   

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

A health product is a Christmas gift that children may not realise they wanted or needed.
A health product is a Christmas gift that children may not realise they needed. 

Healthy beverages epitomise the fifth rule of Christmas gifting. A child can be gifted one that combines fruit juices, apple puree, and lemon juice concentrate. It supplements a child’s body with multivitamins and fortifies the immune system, helping to prevent illness. It also tastes good, so they’ll enjoy it. 

A herbal bath formula containing botanical ingredients can also be an appropriate Christmas gift for newborns. It helps clear Heat from their little bodies and can improve jaundice and the symptoms of eczema.  

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 

“Tell your readers to use it or lose it. If you don’t use your muscles, they get weak. If you don’t use your mind, it begins to fail”, the late Sir John Templeton once said.

Clinical medicine practitioners believe that men who pay no attention to their mental and physical health may be vulnerable to various health conditions such as heart disease, prostate and liver conditions, and sexual health disorders . In addition, a lack of care will see men, on average, dying five years earlier than women. 

Vitality supplements are a good Christmas gift for two reasons. First, it boasts anti-ageing effects. Second, it regulates a man’s body constitution to improve vigour and stamina levels.  

A joint health formula is also a suitable gift option for men. Formulated with hydrolysed collagen extracted from bovine animals, it can be used to prevent osteoarthritis onset by rebuilding cartilage tissue.

Christmas Gift Options for Women

Woman sitting on a sofa while breastfeeding her child.
New mothers can use herbal remedies to produce quality breast milk and restore balance to their body constitution.

Clear and radiant skin is the dream of every woman. However, great skin isn’t a gift but something that has to be worked for. A beverage containing collagen peptides is a suitable gift option for women who prioritise skin health. This is because it can restore skin elasticity, improve dry, rough, or cracked skin, and reduce sagging, fine lines, and dark spots. 

Sexual and reproductive health is integral to a woman’s wellness. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that a fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle may lead to Blood and Qi (vital life force) Deficiencies. Weakness, fatigue and paleness can stem from a loss of blood and body fluids during a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

As such, you may consider gifting women Bak Foong pills (白凤丸) formulated from numerous herbal ingredients. Taking it regularly can also help suppress menstrual pain and coldness in the feet and hands and regulate her body constitution after childbirth.

Bird’s nest, too, may be presented as a Christmas gift to post-partum women to repair skin cells, encourage healing, and boost breast milk quality. Another gift idea is a tonic made from chicken essence, which will provide nourishment to the bodies of pre-natal women. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Elderly 

Senior asian retired couple enjoy hug and talking conversation together on sofa
Elderly family members will appreciate health-related gifts that show you wish for them lead long, fulfilling lives.

Researchers at Duke University’s School of Medicine suggest that the human body starts to decline after 50 years of age. On the contrary, TCM believes that the process involves a loss of Kidney jing (essence) and qi.

Given that a solid foundation of health is the key to longevity, it’s recommended to gift the elderly herbal remedies such as cordyceps (dong chong xia cao, 冬虫夏草), lingzhi (灵芝), or ginseng (ren shen, 人参). Cordyceps increases oxygen uptake, increasing blood flow to the brain. It may also enhance learning capacity and memory, and lower the risk of brain damage and age-related cognitive decline.  

Lingzhi comprises three main bioactive molecules; polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes. Polysaccharides, in particular, benefit the elderly as it demonstrates anti-ageing properties. Meanwhile, ginseng supports cognitive function while keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay.   

Are you looking to give a different kind of Christmas gift this year? Try these healthy ideas to show your loved ones that you intend for them live long, healthy lives. Just remember to speak to a licensed TCM practitioner prior to gifting a loved one a herbal health product to ensure that it suits them and their needs. Merry Christmas!


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