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Reviewed by Doreen Kee on August 3, 2023

Best Times To Include Chicken Essence Into Your Diet

Best Times To Include Chicken Essence Into Your Diet

Similar to how bird’s nest soup and Cordyceps Sinensis benefit your overall health, essence of chicken benefits your physical and mental health by establishing a balance in your body, a concept that is key to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

However, you may wonder if the health benefits vary depending on what time you consume the chicken essence. Read on to find out when individuals tend to take chicken essence and why this is so. 


Some believe drinking chicken essence early on an empty stomach is the best way to consume this health supplement. This may allow your body to absorb the nutrients more effectively and receive an energy boost that will help you through the day.

Moreover, your body will likely crave nutrition after a night’s sleep. Therefore, it is recommended that you balance chicken essence with a healthy breakfast containing protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Before Exercising

Chicken essence is beneficial for improving exercise performance.

Because the protein found in chicken essence is critical to muscle building and repair, pre-exercise consumption may help enhance muscle protein synthesis. Additionally, chicken essence is believed to provide essential nutrients that support the body’s natural function and reduce physical fatigue.

When Feeling Run Down

When Feeling Run Down

Chicken essence is believed to reduce mental fatigue and exhaustion.

If you’re tired, anxious, or irritable, you may be experiencing mental fatigue and require a convenient and effective remedy.

One way to combat exhaustion and fatigue is to consume chicken essence, which contains beneficial compounds like amino acids that improve bodily functions, such as muscle recovery and repair and immune function.

Incorporate Into Meal

Incorporating chicken essence into meal recipes makes it more flavorful and appealing. Most dishes containing chicken essence are steamed or boiled, as these methods ensure that no nutritional value is lost.

One simple recipe is steamed chicken with essence of chicken. Not only is this dish healthy, but it is also comforting for both the body and soul.

To make this dish, clean a chicken before marinating it with a bottle of chicken essence. You can steam the chicken with ginger, red dates, mushrooms, or goji berries.

As long as the broth is entirely consumed, individuals can enjoy the maximum nutritional value from the chicken essence.

Before Sleeping

One common misconception surrounding chicken essence is that it disrupts the quality of your sleep. However, this is not true: the nutrients in chicken essence are natural and do not contain any caffeine or artificial additives.

Furthermore, while it possesses the nutrients of a chicken, it is lighter than a full meal. Hence, it can be absorbed easily without causing any disturbances in your sleep schedule.

Consuming chicken essence at night is ideal for those who have had a tiring day and need help recuperating. With the help of chicken essence and a good night’s sleep, you can wake up refreshed the following day.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer regarding when you can obtain the most nutritional benefits from chicken essence. Instead, it depends on your individual preference and unique set of needs.

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