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The Benefits of Lemon Water 

Lemon water is often touted as an ultra-healthy drink that can result in a host of health benefits, such as improved digestion, detoxification and improved complexion.

The health benefits of lemon water

Citrus fruits are known for being bright, colorful, and refreshing, and lemons are no exception. Lemons and lemon juice provide a versatile ingredient for a range of foods and beverages, as well as a host of health benefits.

While many enjoy a slice or two of lemon in their water, the term ‘lemon water’ usually refers to the combination of water and juice that has been squeezed from a lemon for potency.

Lemon water can be made with hot or cold water. Common additions include grated lemon zest, honey, turmeric, or mint.

According to the USDA (United States Department for Agriculture), the breakdown of nutrients to be found in a glass of lemon water containing the juice of one 48g lemon is: 

  • 10.6 calories 
  • 18.6 mg vitamin C (21% DV) 
  • 9.6 mcg folate (2% DV) 
  • 49.4 mg potassium (1% DV) 
  • 0.01 mg B1 (1% DV) 
  • 0.01 mg B2 (1% DV) 
  • 0.06 mg B5 (1% DV) 

While it may seem like lemons do not provide an abundance of nutrients, lemon water is a low calorie, healthy drink that can help to boost daily vitamin C intake considerably.

It can be easily made at home, or bought through a variety of infused beverage lines, such as JUST’s lemon infused water mountain spring water.

The health benefits of lemon water 

Lemon water is often touted as an ultra-healthy drink that can result in a host of health benefits, such as improved digestion, weight loss, detoxification, improved complexion and more.

More recently, drinking lemon water is regarded as a great way to help ‘alkalise’ the body for optimal wellbeing.

While research to support many of these claims is minimal, the health benefits of both water and lemon juice individually combine to create a broad range of benefits, including: 

Boosts hydration 

Without water, we literally only have a matter of days to survive, so it’s fair to say it is a vital component to our daily intake. Every cell in our body relies on water to assist with regeneration, detoxification and more, with the average adult body comprising 55% water. 

Dehydration is surprisingly common, and one of the primary causes of fatigue, headaches and brain fog. According to Harvard research, the recommended daily water intake for the average adult is around 13 cups for healthy men and 9 cups for healthy women.

If you find plain drinking water boring or unpalatable, try adding a splash of lemon juice. It can significantly improve the flavor to make you more likely to drink, increasing overall hydration

Provides a rich source of vitamin C 

Vitamin C is widely believed to directly support the immune system. While research, in fact, remains inconclusive on this, some studies have found that vitamin C has the potential to help shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

May aid digestion 

Some people report that drinking a daily glass of lemon water appears to aid their digestion, particularly when consumed in the morning. While this is purely anecdotal, there is some evidence to support it.

Research studying the effects of a life-long diet rich in lemon polyphenols found that it may help delay age-related changes that occur in the gut, such as changes to the balance of beneficial bacteria. 

Helps prevent kidney stones  

Kidney stones form due to a build-up of calcium oxalate, and the citric acid from lemon juice may help to break this down.

Additionally, staying well-hydrated can help to flush out toxins from the kidneys and reduce the likelihood of stones developing.

Supports skin health 

Consuming a diet rich in vitamin c (and the flavonoids found in citrus fruits) can help improve the condition of our skin. It helps protect against sun damage that causes dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

Vitamin c assists the body in its production of natural collagen, which helps improve skin’s strength, elasticity and hydration levels. 

Can anyone drink lemon water? 

Lemon water is generally safe and well-tolerated, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. Of course, anyone with any allergies or intolerances to citrus fruits can’t drink lemon water. Citrus may also trigger a migraine.

Additionally, anyone with heartburn may suffer worsening symptoms, and significant consumption of citrus juices can cause tooth enamel erosion.

Make lemon water part of your everyday routine 

Lemon juice is likely a healthy, safe option for you and can make staying well-hydrated more enjoyable while providing additional health benefits. Either squeeze a fresh lemon into drinking water, and serve warm or chilled – whatever your preference.

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