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Physician Tjai Kang Jie

Physician Tjai Kang Jie

TCM Physician

Physician Tjai Kang Jie is a fully registered TCM practitioner and currently practises at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. He is a graduate of the NTU Biomedical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Double Degree programme. Among his special interests are autoimmune diseases and genetic disorders.

Tjai's Collection of Works

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Foot bath min scaled
General Health

How Can A Foot Bath Improve Your Health?

Don’t neglect your feet! These foot bath benefits will have you sleeping better at night and feeling less stressed after a long day.

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Eye bags min scaled
General Health

How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags For Good

If you suffer from chronic eye bags, it could be a dead giveaway that your health is not where it should be. Follow the tips in this guide to help get rid of eye bags for good.

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