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Physician Ho Li Ying

Physician Ho Li Ying

TCM Physician - Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Acupuncture 

Physician Ho Li Ying is a certified TCM physician recognised by the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association. She currently practices at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. Among her special areas of interest are gynaecology, TCM internal medicine, and acupuncture. Physician Ho holds a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Masters in Gynaecology of Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Ho's Collection of Works

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Swollen ankles min scaled
General Health

What Is Edema And How Do You Treat It?

What is edema? This condition is characterized by excessive fluid retention in the body. Learn the causes and treatments here.

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Herbal remedies are a good way to support your child's respiratory system without harsh side effects.
Pregnancy & Children's Health

Top 7 Herbs To Support Your Child’s Respiratory System

If you’re not a fan of giving your child over-the-counter medications to support their respiratory system during cold and flu season, try these herbal remedies instead.

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A woman cradling her naked baby on a white background
Pregnancy & Children's Health

Postpartum Care Tips For New Moms And Babies

Having a baby is an exciting time in a new moms life! A critical part of recovery is postpartum care for yourself and your new baby.

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