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All Things Health Team


The All Things Health team strives to bring the latest news on natural health and wellness practices. We believe that caring for our body is a mindful effort that breeds impacts that last a lifetime. We’re constantly researching for the best holistic approaches to help everyone maintains a healthy and well-balanced life at every stage.

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A beautiful woman touching her neck and face checking for stress rash
Mental Health

5 Ways to Ease Stress Rash Symptoms

Stress rash is a physical side effect of feeling under pressure. Learn the tips on how to soothe the skin and avoid these rashes from coming back.

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A stressed woman suffering COVID-19 wears a mask looking out the window
Mental Health

Ways to Manage Oxidative Stress During COVID-19

Learn how COVID-19 has made your body more susceptible to oxidative stress damage, and what steps you can take to live a healthy life.

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A man holding his liver inside the stomach, needing liver detox
General Health

Fatty Liver? 7 Herbal Remedies To Support Liver Detox

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. Learn how TCM remedies can help you detox your liver, prevent fatty liver, and live a healthier life.

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A doctor takes a pregnant woman's blood pressure
Pregnancy & Children's Health

How to Lower High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to serious health problems for both mother and baby. Learn how to manage blood pressure through simple, lifestyle changes.

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golden cordyceps sinensis laid on a banana leaf on top of a wooden table top
Natural Products

Cordyceps Benefits to Help Keep You Healthy

Cordyceps have long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Discover the Cordyceps benefits for your health and well-being in this article.

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