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8 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mum’s Long and Healthy Life

Instead of flowers that quickly wither, why not give your mum something healthier and longer lasting? Take a look at our unique Mother's Day gift ideas!

A mother hugging her happy son as he opens a gift box for her.

This Mother’s Day, why not skip the typical bouquet of blooms and opt for something different and more lasting? We think that there is no better present than a gift of health. Here, we have compiled a few Mother’s Day gift ideas for gifts that could improve every mum’s quality of life.

7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Long, Healthy Life 

Not only are these gifts healthy, they’re also more unique than flowers: 

1. Bird’s nest 

Only a few things can make a mother truly feel like a queen for a day, one of which is bird’s nest. A staple food for Chinese emperors, bird’s nest is now regarded a valuable delicacy and “beauty food.”  

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that a lung deficiency causes dry, ageing skin. Bird’s nest is one of the foods that can nourish the Lungs and, therefore, soften the skin.

This super food also offers essential nutrients for mothers-to-be

2. Collagen supplements 

Collagen plays an important role in maintaining a more youthful appearance by hydrating skin, increasing its elasticity and reducing wrinkles. But did you know that collagen can also improve the efficiency of DNA repair? This function makes collagen an essential supplement for battling age-related diseases, such as joint pain, bone loss and heart diseases. In doing so, taking collagen can encourage a better lifespan.

3. Herbal tea set 

An essential element in many cultures, some people dedicate a few hours every day to drinking tea while chatting with friends or family. Sipping tea with your mother is a great Mother’s Day gift idea and a great way to catch up with her, especially if the two of you are no longer living under the same roof. 

A mother and daughter posing for a selfie while sitting at a table with tea and cakes on it.
How about planning teatime with mum as one of your Mother’s Day gift ideas?

More than a conversation starter, tea is also known for its various health benefits. Research on green and black teas have found that they owe their medicinal properties to their two compounds, catechins and theaflavins. The compounds help tea combat signs of ageing, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic problems. 

We recommend ginseng tea, which can increase energy levels and improve cognitive functions, or rooibos tea, which promotes heart and respiratory health. 

4. A light exercise class 

Like teatime, another great Mother’s Day gift idea is joining your mother for an exercise class. It allows both of you to spend more time together healthily. If you or your mum have a membership at a fitness centre, check to see if they offer a special Mother’s Day class! 

If your mother isn’t too keen on breaking a sweat, what about finding her a Qigong class? A traditional Chinese exercise, Qigong is light and relaxing. Its breathing techniques can help relieve stress, making it the perfect workout for busy working mums. Practising it can also reduce symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause and ageing

5. A tuina or acupressure session 

Spas and massage are lovely, but how about a treatment that’s more out-of-the-box, like tuina and acupressure?  

Tuina is an ancient massage therapy that focuses on healing the body. We think it could be a fantastic gift for new mothers, as tuina can enhance the flow of breast milk and strengthen the immune system. 

Another massage to consider is acupressure, which borrows the principles of acupuncture. The procedure sees a practitioner applying pressure on the acupressure points in the body to promote healing and balance the energy. Its health benefits include calming the nerves, improving eyesight and relieving menopause symptoms.

6. A confinement package for new mums 

Some new mothers are required to enter a confinement period to recuperate from childbirth. During this period, they will be confined to their rooms to observe traditional postnatal care methods.

Although you can’t be with them in person, you can still accompany them in spirit. Show your support to postpartum mothers by gifting them a confinement package that includes all the supplements they need for this important time. 

A father holding a baby with his wife standing next to him.
Giving a new mum much-needed time for herself is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

7. Offer to Babysit 

Gifting supplements to new mothers or a stress-relieving exercise class to working mums are good Mother’s Day gift ideas but sometimes, what they really need is a good nap. And you can give it to them by offering to take care of their children so that they can have some time for themselves. If you have an elderly mother, you could offer to house-sit so she can go on a special trip with her friends or go out for the day. 

8. A book about plants or herbs 

In March 2020, the herbal medicine research department of the Biomedical Research Institute in Malaysia received many queries about using traditional remedies and herbal products to fight COVID-19. This shows that the interest in alternative and natural medicine has been on the rise due to the pandemic. 

If your mother is one of the many people who have become more partial to medicinal plants or herbs, you can gift her a book to help her learn more about them. Choose a book that includes detailed illustrations of the herbs as well as tips on how to use them in cooking and other daily activities. 

Beyond material items, the best Mother’s Day gift ideas should be about your love for the amazing mums in your life. Acknowledge their needs and interests with things nobody can buy: companionship, time and health. 


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