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Why You Need Fish Collagen to Boost Your Health​

Fish collagen can be the new addition to your daily supplements. Learn more about its benefits for your overall health and well-being.

Powdered fish collagen supplements placed beside a glass of water

Although there are many ways to improve our health and well-being, it’s the small steps that we take consistently that’ll have the most impact. One of the simplest ways to boost our health is consuming fish collagen supplements. They’re often found in powdered form, capsules or beverages. You could even mix them in with your favourite meals or drinks. 

But first, an explainer: The human body can absorb collagen from foods like chicken (with the skin on), citrus fruits, egg whites and leafy greens. However, the body’s ability to make collagen decreases with age. Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet, and overexposure to the sun further accelerate it.  

That’s why fish collagen supplements are a popular and easy method to boost your health and well-being. In fact, it is also used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and cosmetic industries, thanks to its many benefits and overall safety.

“From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, 血肉有情之品 xiěròu yǒuqíng zhī pǐn (flesh and blood products), collagen and other animal-based ingredients are substances that are especially nourishing to the blood and flesh,” says Real Health Medical TCM physician Brandon Yew.

Benefits of Consuming Fish Collagen

A woman smiling and massaging her face with her fingers
Consuming fish collagen can help to maintain healthy glowing skin.

We’ll see how fish collagen can help to boost your health and improve your well-being. However, if you’re currently taking any medication or not sure about its specific effects on your health and body, consult a doctor, physician or nutritionist beforehand.

1. Improves skin health

Fish collagen is so popular mainly because of its ability to help keep your skin healthy and aid your anti-ageing skincare routine. The Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity journal reports that marine collagen peptides (MCPs) are very similar to human collagen. They are safe and easily absorbed through the gut. The study also states combining MCPs with skin-targeting antioxidants could be an effective and safe way to improve our skin’s properties without the risk of oxidative damage.  

Fish collagen “provides extremely powerful restoration and nourishment of the bodily yin (fluids), blood, jing (vital essence), flesh or muscles, sinews (tendons and ligaments), bones, and skin,” explains physician Yew. 

So, if you’re looking for a great complement to your anti-ageing skincare routine, consider fish collagen drinks. These are usually blended with natural ingredients such as honey, fruits, and other nutrients and contain no artificial elements. They even come in sachets that you can pick up and drink on the go.

2. Helps to relieve joint pain

Besides our skin, our joints can also benefit from fish collagen. The Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech scientific journal conducted a six-month randomised study on elderly women with knee osteoarthritis. They found that collagen peptides effectively improve joint health. This means that it can help everyone in their golden years to maintain an active lifestyle and thus their overall health.

3. Beneficial in bone loss prevention efforts

You can also use fish collagen to treat bone loss. The Nutrients journal states specific collagen peptides (SCPs) can help improve bone mineral density (BMD) and bone markers in postmenopausal women. During this study, these women showed positive signs of increased bone formation and reduced bone degradation, thanks to their intake of SCPs. In other words, taking these supplements can help women significantly reduce the adverse effects that come with age and menopause.

4. Boosts heart health

Fish collagen can help prevent atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing of arteries due to plaque buildup. The Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis study shows collagen tripeptides (CTPs) contribute to the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis for men and women. The study’s findings also show that functional foods like CTPs are likely to become an increasingly important component of preventive medicine. In short, it can be a valuable supplement to support the health and functioning of your heart.

 5. Promotes wound healing

A healthcare worker treats an injured person’s wounds
Fish collagen can help with wound healing.

Marine collagen can help aid the body heal wounds. The Journal of Polymers and the Environment states that it showed positive indicators and benefits towards wound-healing applications. Moreover, recent research has discovered that peptide fragments contained within marine collagen have anti-bacterial properties. Specifically, collagencin – a peptide derived from collagen – has been found to inhibit the growth of infection and disease-causing bacteria. 

You lose collagen as you age, and your body gradually slows down its production too. With its long list of benefits, fish collagen is a worthwhile health supplement to include in your regular diet. If you have an allergy to fish, you can consume other collagen-rich foods, like egg whites, beans, and leafy greens. Please consult with your physician if you plan to take a TCM remedy containing collagen.

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