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Reviewed by Doreen Kee on August 18, 2023

What to Know About Consuming Bird’s Nest During Pregnancy

What to Know About Consuming Bird’s Nest During Pregnancy

A balanced diet is a top priority for expecting mothers—not only do you have to nourish your body, but you would also have to ensure that your baby is getting essential nutrients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers an essential health food ideal for pregnant women: bird’s nest. Like how Cordyceps Sinensis benefits your overall health, bird’s nest health benefits involve restoring balance to the body and creating a conducive environment for your foetus to grow.

Beyond improving your respiratory health, bird’s nest helps you feel healthy and high-spirited throughout your pregnancy. Read on to learn more about bird’s nest and how it benefits you during pregnancy.

Is It Safe?

Bird’s nest is generally considered safe for consumption by pregnant women. Therefore, it has been common practice in Asian cultures to take bird’s nest to nourish the mother-to-be and the developing foetus.

However, you might be allergic to bird’s nest. Therefore, it is advised that you see a doctor or nutritionist before incorporating it into your diet.

Furthermore, you should note that not all bird’s nest are equally good. Some sellers leverage on its popularity to sell less-than-optimal products. Hence, you should avoid unscrupulous sellers and look for legitimate producers with a good track record for the best results.

Promote Intelligence

Promote Intelligence

Bird’s nest is associated with cognitive development and brain growth. 

Edible bird’s nest contains a high sialic acid content, a major carbohydrate essential for the human body.

Sialic acid is known for its immune-boosting properties and its ability to regulate the body’s physiological and biochemical processes. It is also associated with brain growth and maturation; therefore, bird’s nest can help enhance your baby’s cognitive development.

Improve Iron Intake 

Iron creates haemoglobin, aiding in the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to other body parts. Hence, a healthy iron intake helps support your physical well-being and the foetus’ development.

The increased demand for iron puts pregnant women at higher risk of iron deficiency, leading to fatigue, headaches, cold hands and feet, and more.

Because bird’s nest contains high levels of iron, consuming it helps improve red blood cell production and minimises the possibility of iron deficiency.

Support Baby’s Bones and Muscles Growth

Bird’s nest contains calcium, which helps develop the baby’s bones and muscles.

Your baby will take calcium from your bones if it isn’t obtained from the meals you consume, causing problems like osteoporosis.

Bird’s nest can increase your calcium intake and prevent such issues from arising.

Improve Skin Condition

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which can be found in bird’s nest, improves your skin condition.

It is natural for expecting mothers to see pigmentation, acne, and stretch marks resulting from hormonal imbalances. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume the bird’s nest to restore health and radiance to your skin. 

Combat Fatigue

It is normal for expecting mothers to feel fatigued due to hormonal changes. Bird’s nest effectively relieves fatigue because it contains amino acids and essential minerals that nourish the body.

When Should You Take Bird’s Nest?

The optimal time to eat bird’s nest is during your second trimester. At this point in time, the foetus is growing rapidly, and your body requires more nutrients to support the baby’s development.

However, it is important to speak with your doctor before consuming bird’s nest as all pregnancies differ. 


When pregnant, you have to provide both for yourself and your child. One way to ensure that your pregnancy journey is smooth and healthy is to take bird’s nest. However, it is recommended that you check with your doctor before incorporating it into your diet as you may have allergies and experience adverse health effects.

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