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Navigating Menopause with Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Ease Symptoms (Buyer’s Guide)

Published | 6 min read

When it comes to menopause, TCM focuses on maintaining the body's energy (qi) and restoring balance between yin and yang energies. Learn more about it.

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Menopause marks a significant transition in a woman’s life, characterized by the cessation of menstruation and a decline in reproductive hormones. This natural biological process often brings about a myriad of symptoms that can affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a holistic approach to alleviating these symptoms, providing a complementary or alternative option for those seeking relief.

To support women going through menopause, TCM recommends a variety of supplements aimed at restoring the body’s natural balance and easing symptoms. Here is a list of key supplements often suggested for those experiencing menopause:

Best Dong Quai Supplement for Balanced Estrogen LevelsBest Black Cohosh Supplement for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Best Rehmannia Extract for Kidney YinBest Phytoestrogen Supplements for Menopause Support
Best Dong Quai Supplement for Balanced Estrogen Levels
Nature’s Answer Dong Quai Root
[Check Price on Amazon]
Reasons to Buy 
Supports Female Hormonal Balance.
1,000 mg of Pure Dong Quai per serving.
Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher Certified.
Tested & Verified.
Reasons to Avoid 
Not advisable for pregnant or nursing women.
With one of the most comprehensive herbariums in the world, Nature’s Answer® has identified Mother Nature’s unique botanical fingerprint on over 800 plant reference standards. Utilizing Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®, these authenticated samples each serve as the standard by which all incoming raw materials are judged.

Suggested use as a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule daily with 8 oz of water and a meal.
Best Black Cohosh Supplement for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
Nature’s Craft Menopause Support – Multibenefit Menopause Relief
[Check Price on Amazon]
Reasons to Buy
With cooling formula of B2, B6, and D3 for full body benefits.
Helps with poor mood and irritability.
With red clover and black cohosh to help relieve with hot flashes and night sweats.
With Dong Quai for restored balance.
Reasons to Avoid 
Pregnant, lactating women, and children under 18 are required to consult a physician.
Rooted in nature and backed by science, Nature’s Craft products meld herbal traditions with technological innovations to provide the best supplements. 

All Nature’s Craft products are sustainable sourced and quality tested. Menopause Support  Supplement from Nature’s Craft is designed to get ahead of the aging process and fight back against the physical and emotional difficulties of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. This includes Dong quai, Licorice root, Red clover, Sage, Chasteberry, Blessed thistle, Red raspberry powder, Wild yam, and Trans-resveratrol to give the best nature has to offer.

Advised dosage is at 2 capsules daily, preferably with meals or as directed by healthcare professionals.

Hot flashes is a common symptom while undergoing menopause.
Best Rehmannia Extract for Kidney Yin
BulkSupplements.com Rehmannia Extract Powder 
[Check Price on Amazon]
Reasons to Buy 
Rehmannia Root is a herbal supplement that may help support the kidneys.
May help support the immune system and a source of antioxidants.
Gluten-free and no filler.
Pure and natural product without any artificial flavors.
Reasons to Avoid 
Rehmannia may affect blood sugar levels and may interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery.
Rehmannia may be unsafe for people with pre-existing digestive or immune system.
Rehmannia Root Extract powder is a revered botanical extract that is meticulously crafted to ensure purity and potency. 

All products by BulkSupplements are manufactured according to cGMP Standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. We third party test our products at multiple stages during production, procedures and equipment to ensure compliance, standards and consistency. 

Experience the timeless tradition of Rehmannia Root Extract powder, a revered botanica.

Please be aware that serving sizes listed on our website are subject to occasional adjustments based on factors such as variations in ingredient availability and supplier changes.
Best Phytoestrogen Supplements for Menopause Support
Solaray PhytoEstrogen Plus EFAs Menopause Support
[Check Price on Amazon]
Reasons to Buy
Combined estrogenic herbs to support normal hormone balance.
Contains 2.5% diosgenin from wild yam – a phytoestrogen that may be converted to progesterone in the body.
Has 40% isoflavones from non-GMO soy per serving.
Reasons to Avoid
May have the potential to disrupt endocrine function .
Taking large quantities may affect fertility.
Solaray has been around in the industry of formulating herbal blends since 1973. Over the years, Solaray pioneered many innovative products and has become a trusted full-line dietary supplement brand found in health and natural food stores all around the world. 

PhytoEstrogen Plus EFAs has the following ingredients that are deemed to be beneficial to women’s reproductive health balance: 

Non-GMO Soy 
Wild Yam, Black Cohosh
Dong Quai 
Borage Seed Oil
Evening Primrose Seed Oil 
Organic High-Lignan Flaxseed Oil

The recommended daily intake is 2 softgels daily with a meal or a glass of water. 

Common Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause symptoms vary widely among women but commonly include: 

  • Hot flashes 
  • Night sweats 
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue 
  • Vaginal dryness

These symptoms result from the body adjusting to decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone. For some, these changes are mild, while for others, they can significantly impact daily life.

Understanding Menopause from a TCM Perspective

In TCM, menopause is seen as a natural decline in the body’s Yin and Yang balance, particularly a deficiency in Kidney Yin. The Kidney in TCM is not only related to the urinary system but is also considered the foundation of all Yin and Yang energies in the body. A deficiency in Kidney Yin can lead to an imbalance, manifesting as the common symptoms of menopause. TCM practitioners aim to restore this balance through various treatments, addressing the root cause rather than just the symptoms.

Traditional TCM Methods/Treatments

TCM employs several methods to treat menopausal symptoms, including herbal remedies, acupuncture, diet, and lifestyle changes. 

  • Herbal Remedies – Specific herbs, such as Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, and Rehmannia, are used to nourish Kidney Yin and balance the body’s energy.
  • Acupuncture – This method involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body to restore Qi (energy) flow, potentially alleviating symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes – A balanced diet rich in Yin-nourishing foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, alongside regular exercise, is recommended to support overall health and ease symptoms.

Empowering Women through Menopause with TCM

TCM offers a unique perspective on menopause, viewing it not as a disorder but as a natural phase of life that can be managed through a holistic approach to health. By focusing on the individual and tailoring treatments to the specific imbalances of Yin and Yang, TCM empowers women to navigate through menopause more comfortably and with a greater sense of control over their well-being.


The integration of TCM into menopause management encourages a deeper understanding of the body’s natural processes and highlights the importance of balance and harmony in achieving health. As more women seek natural and holistic approaches to wellness, TCM stands out as a valuable resource in managing menopause symptoms and enhancing quality of life during this transformative phase.

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