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Try These Hair Care Routine Secrets for Celebrity-Worthy Hair

Try these hair care routine secrets for luscious, celeb-worthy hair. We reveal TCM methods for your hair and health.

Woman brushing her hair while smiling at the mirror

Celebrities tend not to live healthy lifestyles due to their hectic work schedules and irregular sleeping times. These habits can easily lead to premature ageing and unhealthy skin, hair and nails. They seem to have their hair care routine down pat though, as they always have great hair in paparazzi pictures. Where do they find the time to maintain their luscious locks, you might wonder? We might have some answers. 

Constant Maintenance  

Beautiful hair doesn’t happen overnight. It takes lots of care and dedication, from a proper hair care routine to styling it. You can put aside a little bit of time every morning and night to show your locks some love. 

Wash your hair with cool water 

It feels relaxing when the hot water lands on your tired skin, but hot water can also dry out your hair, scalp and skin. Slowly switch to the cold water feature when you want to wash your hair. It closes hair cuticles and makes your hair smooth, light and shiny. Another key step to add to your hair care routine is washing with a good quality shampoo, preferably organic. 

Scrub away product buildup 

If you have an oily scalp, shampoo your hair twice to make sure all gunk is removed from your hair follicles. Blocked hair follicles can cause scalp acne, hair loss and other hair and scalp conditions. However, if you have a dry scalp, note that you shouldn’t wash your hair twice daily.

Woman washing hair in the shower
Double washing your hair will ensure product and oil buildup on your scalp is removed.

Condition and oil your hair 

After washing, an important part of your hair care routine will be to condition the ends of your hair to make it smooth and easier for styling. If you style your hair every day with hot tools, then you’ll need to consider hair oil. Most hair oils contain heat protectant, so your hair doesn’t dry out when using hair straighteners or curlers. 

Use a hair mask once a week 

The salt from sweat can dry out your hair, especially when you work out often. That’s when you will probably feel a drier and stickier hair texture. To get that clean, shiny look, you’ll need to use a deep nourishing hair mask at least once a week. Leave it on for 15 minutes to work its magic. 

Use styling products that contain sea salt 

Sea salt spray is useful when you have thinner hair, as it doesn’t weigh hair down. It is also useful when you are short on time. Spray it on dry hair, scrunch the bottom part, curl random strands all over, flip your hair and shake it out, and you’re good to go. 

Ensure your scalp has enough blood circulation 

Hair oil might not be enough to get that luscious texture. You will add a scalp massage to your hair care routine for better blood circulation. This prevents scalp dryness and dandruff too. During your shower, apply shampoo as usual, and massage your scalp gently to promote blood circulation. Doing this every day helps in lessening hair fall. 

Assorted nuts in a wooden bowl
Add nuts and flaxseed oil to your diet every morning or night for better hair.

Add nuts and flaxseed oil to your diet 

What you consume should also be an important part of your hair care routine. When you’re having your breakfast or a salad for lunch, add in some nuts and flaxseed oil, as they are rich in Omega-3 oils, vitamin E, zinc and selenium that your hair needs. Nuts like walnuts, macadamias, almonds and cashews are the ones you should have in your pantry. They are also great as a mid-day snack.

These additions can nourish your hair roots and scalp to prevent flaking and dandruff. Your hair will fall less, leaving you with healthier, luscious strands. 

Get Healthier Hair with Traditional Chinese Medicine 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), getting healthy-looking hair relies on a good flow of qi (vital energy, 气) and blood, as they nourish the scalp. A Deficiency or Stagnation of qi and blood will interrupt the flow, causing hair fall and dullness in texture. 

Blood and qi Deficiency are usually caused by poor diet and lack of nutrients, whereas blood and qi Stagnation are usually caused by stress and a hormone imbalance. 

Also, the condition of your hair is a direct reflection of the condition of your blood, Liver and Kidneys. When there is an abundant flow of Kidney essence (jing, 精) and Liver blood, your hair will look thick, dark, healthy and glossy. A Deficiency of these will turn your hair lifeless and brittle, leading to premature hair greying and thinning. 

According to Huang Di Nei Jing (The Emperor’s Inner Canon, 黃帝內經), hair greying and thinning should start only from the late 30s to 40s for both men and women. If it occurs prematurely, it may be a sign to keep an eye on your health.

Deficiencies in the blood, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen and Stomach, Liver qi Depression, and Heat and Dampness Stagnation will also affect your hair texture. It is best to get yourself checked with a physician if you notice such changes. 

Your physician will usually recommend these herbs to be added into your diet: 

  • Black Sesame Seeds (hei zi ma, 黑芝麻) 
  • Eclipta (mo han lian, 墨旱莲) 
  • Fleeceflower Root (he shou wu, 何首乌)  
  • Cnidium (chuan xiong, 川芎) 
  • Chinese Angelica (dang gui, 当归)  
  • Mulberry Leaf (sang bai pi, 桑白皮) 
  • Black Soybean (hei dou, 黑豆)  
  • Psoralea Fruit (bu gu zhi, 补骨脂) 
  • Prepared Rehmannia Root (shou di huang, 熟地黄)  
  • Cistanche (rou cong rong, 肉苁蓉) 
  • Privet Seeds (nv zhen zi, 女贞子)  
  • Dodder Seeds (tu si zi, 菟丝子) 
  • Cordyceps (dong cong xia cao, 冬虫夏草)  
  • Solomon’s Seal Rhizome (yu zhu, 玉竹) 
  • Ling zhi (灵芝)  
  • Japanese Teasel Root (xu duan, 续断) 

As usual, remember not to take any of these on your own, but through the advice of a physician. 

Close up of black sesame seeds
Add black sesame seeds to your diet for healthy, strong hair.

Acupuncture Treatment for Healthy Hair 

Acupuncture works to increase blood circulation to the scalp, which then stimulates the hair follicle cells, delivers essential nutrients to the scalp, and encourages hair growth. Physicians and acupuncturists often offer these treatments together with herbal formulas. 

Some acupuncture points which help stimulate hair follicle cells are located on the head. If you want to give traditional Chinese medicine a try but have a bit of hesitation about having needles inserted into your head, you can try using just Chinese herbal formulas first. While acupuncture can improve the flow of qi and blood in the scalp and help hair regrow, Chinese herbs can nourish qi and blood to stop more hair from falling. 

Overall, leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. When you are eating healthily, sleeping enough, and are well hydrated, you will naturally see healthier hair and skin — all essential elements of a good hair care routine. 


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