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Dr Andre Budihardjo, MM

Dr Andre Budihardjo, MM

Dr Andre Budihardjo is a medical doctor who holds a master's degree in management. With a diverse experience of starting his own business, he has been supporting and managing medical websites from the ground up, doing clinical research, and more. His experience in clinical research and medical editing, combined with his passion for education and evidence-based information, will ensure that all the information in articles is accurate, up to date, and easy to read.

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A close-up shot of a woman getting a neck massage
Health & Balance

5 Things to Know about Tuina

Tuina has gained popularity worldwide. We will reveal the five things everyone needs to know about this ancient Chinese massage.

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Toddler in a highchair playing with a wooden toy car

Child Development: A Guide to the First 7 Years

Parents play an important role in child development. Discover the different milestones your little one should hit during the various growth stages.

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Woman pulling her hair in anger
Mind & Mental

Five Anger Management Tips to Ease Your Fury

Anger management can improve how you perceive life. Contrastingly, zero control over the emotion can potentially cause health disorders.

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A pregnant woman eating a bowl of nutritious food 

Is It Safe to Consume Chinese Herbs During Pregnancy?

While Chinese herbs can help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms, some are not are safe for pregnancy. This article highlights the safe herbs for pregnant women and how to consume them appropriately.

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