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Mohammad Nazri Zulkafli, MD

Mohammad Nazri Zulkafli, MD

Dr Nazri Zulkafli is a House Officer at the Ministry of Health Malaysia and is currently practising at Hospital Putrajaya. A Doctor of Medicine graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, he is impartial when educating the public about health and believes that the best way to prevent illness is to ensure balance and moderation in everything you do.

Mohammad's Collection of Works

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Dried fish maw placed in a wooden basket
Wellness & Nutrition

Fish Maw: The Secret to Looking and Feeling Great

Yes, a fish’s swim bladder is a popular delicacy! Perfect for numerous recipes, fish maw is packed with a multitude of essential nutrients.

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Woman holding strands of hair that are stuck to a brush
Health & Balance

Understanding Bald Truths About Hair Loss in Women

This article breaks down the different hair disorders which typically affect women. It will also highlight methods that can promote healthy hair growth, including the use of traditional Chinese medicine.

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