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Physician Jolene Chong

Physician Jolene Chong

TCM Physician – Internal Medicine, Acupuncture

Physician Jolene Chong is the Deputy Treasurer and a Council Member of the Singapore Chinese Physician Association's 47th Council Committee. She is a registered TCM Physician licensed by the TCM Practitioners Board, a regulatory body under the charge of Singapore's Ministry of Health and represented by Singapore Chinese Medicine Association. At present, she is a TCM Physician and Market Development Advisor at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. Physician Chong holds an Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese) from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is currently a Doctoral scholar in the program of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China.

Jolene's Collection of Works

19 results
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Soothing Teething in Babies: How TCM Can Help

A baby’s teeth will poke through their gums after four months of age. Pain and discomfort are common signs of teething in babies.

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3 Ways to Maintain Gut Health in Children

Early childhood is the perfect time to develop a healthy digestive system. Learn different steps you can take to improve your child’s gut health.

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