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Veena Angle, MBBS, MD

Veena Angle, MBBS, MD

Dr Veena Angle is a medical doctor with a specialization in infectious diseases. Having seen the ill effects of a poor lifestyle on the physical and mental health of patients in her clinical practice, it is her passion to spread awareness on fitness and wellness, particularly through natural therapies. She truly believes 'Health is Wealth' and it isn't too difficult to achieve with some self-care and an optimistic attitude.

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A man using his fist to crush cigarettes
Mind & Mental

How to Quit Smoking and What to Expect

It isn’t easy to quit smoking. Luckily, we’ve got some tips that will boost your chances of doing so!

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Light blue ribbons with blood on a blue background to symbolise World Diabetes Day
Health & Balance

How to Manage Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can be complicated and life-threatening. Here are different ways to keep the condition under control.

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Women wearing pink gathered in a group
Health & Balance

Pay Attention to These 8 Breast Cancer Symptoms That Can Save You

Early diagnosis of breast cancer symptoms significantly improves the prognosis. In this article, learn more about the screening tests you can undertake and natural remedies to support breast cancer treatments.

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