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Dr Hanhushar Gunasagaran

Dr Hanhushar Gunasagaran

Dr Hanhushar has been practising for more than 7 years. Her specialities are in general medicine and dermatology, with prior history of working closely with post confinement mothers and women’s sexual health. On top of that, Dr Hanhushar has taken certifications from Malaysia Aesthetic Certification and Australia Skin Institute to treat various aesthetic and skin-related patients. She is experienced in the use of fillers, small-scale surgeries, as well as modern, non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She has founded her skincare line as well.

Dr Hanhushar Gunasagaran's Collection of Works

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6 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

A longer sleep duration does not always mean a good rest! Learn what sleep quality is and find out how to improve it to achieve optimal health.

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