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Chinese Starjasmine Stem

What is Chinese Starjasmine Stem?

Chinese Starjasmine Stem (luo shi teng, 络石藤), also known as Caulis Trachelospermi, refers to the foliferous stem of Trachelospermum jasminoides, an evergreen woody liana  that belongs to the Apocynaeceae family. First recorded in The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica (Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing) in the late Western Han Dynasty, Chinese Starjasmine Stem is used in more than 30 kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions.

Commonly known as Confederate Jasmine and Star Jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides thrives in low light and are resistant to heat and drought. They are distributed in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the United States. They are often grown in gardens as ornamental plants.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Starjasmine Stem falls under the category of ‘Herbs that dispel Wind and Dampness’. Such herbs can help to treat bi pain, which roughly corresponds to arthritic and rheumatic conditions with pain, stiffness and numbness of bones, joints and muscles. Cool in nature, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can help individuals with too much Heat in the body, such as those experiencing a yang excess or a yin deficiency, to restore a harmonious yin-yang balance.

Bitter in taste, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can cleanse the body by clearing Heat, drying Dampness and promoting elimination via urination or bowel movements. In particular, Chinese Starjasmine Stem targets the Heart, the Kidneys and the Liver.

Functions and Benefits of Chinese Starjasmine Stem

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shows that Chinese Starjasmine Stem has the following health benefits.

Chinese Starjasmine Stem can dispel Wind-Damp, unblock collaterals and clear Heat. Thus, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can treat arthralgia syndromes caused by Wind, Dampness and Heat, characterised by spasms of tendons and vessels, aching pain of waist and knees. Chinese Starjasmine Stem can be used alone or combined with other Wind-Damp-dispelling, Heat-clearing and collateral-unblocking herbs to enhance its effectiveness.

With the actions of clearing Heat and cooling blood, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can relieve sore throat, toxic sores and swelling. This herb can be decocted alone and then swallowed slowly, or combined with other toxicity-removing or sore-throat-alleviating herbs to enhance its effectiveness. For sores and abscess marked by swelling and pain, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can be combined with Heat-clearing, toxicity-removing, blood-activating and abscess-curing herbs to enhance its effects.

In addition, Chinese Starjasmine Stem can unblock collaterals and reduce swelling to relieve pain. This herb is thus often combined with blood-activating and collateral-unblocking herbs to enhance its pain-relieving effects.

How to Use Chinese Starjasmine Stem

The recommended daily dosage of Chinese Starjasmine Stem is 6 – 12g, when used as a decoction. For topical administration, you should consult your healthcare provider on the appropriate dosage to be applied to the desired area.

Many individuals use this herb singly to make tea to treat sore throat. You may find Chinese Starjasmine Stem and its supplements, such as pills and extracts, in herbal stores and Asian specialty markets.

Cautions and Side Effects of Chinese Starjasmine Stem

Chinese Starjasmine Stem should not be used by individuals experiencing diarrhoea or pregnancy. Also, over-consumption of Chinese Starjasmine Stem may cause undesirable effects such as convulsions and respiratory arrest.

Do note that Chinese Starjasmine Stem should not be used together with Fritillaria Bulb (Chuan Bei Mu), Zhejiang Fritillary Bulb (Zhe Bei Mu), Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii (Shi Chang Pu) or Frusta Ferri (Sheng Tie Luo).

We strongly encourage you to consult your healthcare provider before deciding to add Chinese Starjasmine Stem to your healthcare routine!


Here is a summary for Chinese Starjasmine Stem:

  • Herb name (Chinese): 络石藤
  • Herb name (Pin Yin): luò shí téng
  • Herb name (English): Chinese Starjasmine Stem
  • Herb name (Botanical): Caulis et Folium Trachelospermi
  • Origin of species: Trachelospermum jasminoides (Lindl.) Lem.
  • Part(s) of herb used: Lianoid stem with leaf
  • Geo-specific habitat(s): Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong
  • Taste(s) & Properties: Bitter; Slightly cold; Administrates the Heart, Liver and Kidney Meridians
  • Actions: Relieves pains relating to rheumatism or back problems; Eases throat discomforts such as pain and swelling; Aids in the healing of physical injuries by invigorating blood circulation

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