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Sherelyn Goh

Sherelyn Goh

Managing Editor

With over a decade of media, print and digital experience in women’s lifestyle magazines, content creating and social media, Sherelyn’s pursuits in all things content has landed her in All Things Health. She believes in investing time and effort on the mind and body, while balancing and challenging yourself to keep things interesting. When she’s not in spin classes or strength training, she enjoys walks with her two dogs and exploring gastronomic experiences.

Sherelyn's Collection of Works

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A woman holds a hand to her ear, indicating she is hard of hearing.
Health & Balance

Turn the Volume Down: Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss 

Sudden hearing loss can be alarming; you might brush it off because of an ear infection. Prompt treatment is necessary to avoid permanent damage to your hearing.

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Woman working at a desk in front of a desktop computer, massaging her eyes due to fatigue.
Health & Balance

Is Adrenal Fatigue Real? Know The Signs and Symptoms

You might have heard of adrenal fatigue being discussed by your friends and online sources, but does it really exist? Here’s what medical experts and Traditional Chinese Medicine have to say about it.

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